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The images in my header are of my workshop at home from where I will be teaching this trimester. As you can see i am interested in all sorts of technology art and design including vintage telephony, audio, synthesis, kitsch, chindogu (more about that in one module), tobbaciana, ventriloquism and opera.

I use this blog as a digital scrapbook/notebook to collect links that may be useful to my modules. Usually these are technical software tips relating to quite specific tasks. This site is always work in progress and many links may be out of date or redundant however all students on my modules can choose to subscribe to this blog using the subscribe2 link.

I also use Flipboard¬†to collect articles I think could be useful or interesting. These are mainly non-technical design or art related so please follow my Flipboard even if you don’t want to follow this blog.

My Flipboard

My Pinterest Boards – mainly images related to modules and projects

My YouTube Channel Playlist – various videos either ‘how to’ (some made by me) or videos i think will be useful organised into modules
Please note higher resolution copies of my ‘how to’ videos are on box and linked from Canvas

Website with lots of personal stuff
My Personal Website

Website about my research
My Research Website

My Soundcloud Tracks

My Vimeo bits and pieces


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